Stabilo Relax Dyrer

Stabilo Relax Dyrer

Alea Bhatt Bros. has in current production two families of dryers for knit and woven fabric. Last born is the "STABILO" dryer, whose design and performances show that no efforts have been spared for to come up with an extremely good use of the technological air.


Alea Bhatt Bros’s Stabilo provides tensionless shrinking and relax drying of tubular and open-width knitted fabrics in a wider variety of versions. Optimum drying can be achieved by providing number of chambers as per required. The textile is transported on the conveyor belt from the feeding unit through the over-feeding roller.


It is guided tensionless in a wave form. Vertical distribution of the fabric is done through modular air fans that are able to maintain high production outputs on a heavy styles. The tumbling nozzle air-jets aligned alternatively on upper and lower positions forces fabric to advance providing intensive-drying throughout the width and length of the textile. Incorporation of heating systems can vary from gas burner, thermal-oil or saturated steam.


The chambers are designed in a way to optimise maximum moisture content.


1. Entry side.

Fabric is taken to the spreading roll and to the inverter driven overfeeding roll. This conveyor rolls and relevant track control systems, is mounted as a preassembled unit to be joined to the dryer's body. Combination of entry can ben with de-watering and/or finishing padder, Vertical Track Chain, or Direct.


2. Conveyors

These are made of teflon coated fibreglass filaments and are driven by inverters, controlled via the speed potentiometer mounted on the operator panel. It is of course available, on option, the automatic speed control based on temperature reading. The control of both the tension and the tracking of the two belts is accomplished via high quality and very reliable equipments, all these mounted on the entry plates for easy inspection and maintenance.


3. Blowing system

This is the heart of the dryer and the part of it that carries the most result of our efforts in the area of the aerodynamics (round ducts {pipe and slide system} and air diffusers made to offer minimum air resistance). Processed air is taken through an edgeless high efficiency air divider to the air nozzles equipped with a special designed air vierticaliser. Nozzles are offset in order to allow for the fabric to wave and also for to maximise both the deep and superficial heat exchange. Return air flow is laminar so as to avoid any tracking problem on the fabric. The "pipe and slide" nozzle system makes cleaning operation very easy and remarkably fast.


4. Tumbling nozzles

These are installed inside the heating chamber and consist of a number of tilting nozzles able to set the fabric wave which gets done and redone at regular intervals and at a frequency proportional to the dryer speed. This results important increase of the shrink inside the dryer along with an improved handle.


5. Air filtration

STABILO is normally equipped with twin manual pull-out type air filters, equipped with the "check-test" facility, able to indicate to the dryer operator that de-clogging should be done. Automatic cleaning of air filters is available on option, the system being made of a s.s. mesh, kept in slow motion and travelling before a vacuum nozzle that removes the lint and takes it away to dust collecting bags.


6. Exit side

Processed fabric drops onto the delivery conveyor, made of anodised aluminium alloy square pipes mounted on chains. This conveyor allows for cooling down of the fabric and does not apply any stretch to the knit. Such an arrangement also makes dryer threading very easy and from a set-up point of view, like for the entry side, this whole unit comes preassembled from our manufacturing facility.



  • The "tumbling system" provides better softness, improves handling and lowers residual shrink
  • High evaporating capacity via our edgeless air-diffusers and circular air-ducts leading to the air nozzles.
  • Straight vertical distribution of the air flow onto the fabric and modular air fans, depending on dryer width, able to maintain high production outputs on heavy styles.
  • On request, fans can be driven by inverters (variable flow) for special operation.
  • Inverter controlled drives to get the highest flexibility and economy of machine operation.
  • Inspection ports able to show to the machine operator the actual set-up of the fabric under process.
  • Differential ventilation for face and back fabric.
  • Exhaust air ducts provision in each bay for a precise balance of the make-up air.