Continuous Bleaching Range

Continuous Bleaching Range

At Bhatt Bros, we deliver continuous pre-treatment concepts which comprises bleaching in a single cycle with a steaming process involved. Our controlled engineering and progressive drives allow length retention and avoids edge curling throughout the sequence.


Pre-washing, desizing & scouring can be incorporated at the first step for removal of lint, impurities and fibres at scale following acid-wash for the fabric to reach its absorbent state.


Application of chemicals is done through our Sequential Applicator which provides continuous, controlled, adjustable liquor application via dosing station. The dosing station consists of five different types of chemicals to be applied. Flow control Valves and suction pumps meters the chemical dosing followed by intricate squeezing ensuring sufficient absorption before dwelling time.


The Steamer comprises of rollers which allows the fabric to pass in a tight form before it plaits on a tubular conveyer. The tubular conveyer ensures no dry-up marks or fold marks and accertains better dwelling passage in comparison to the roller bed. The dwelling time can be adjusted from five to twenty minutes by controlling the speed of the conveyer. Our steam saturation system is highly dependable on our capacity of water reservoir which equalizes the steam while ensuring temperature as well as moisture content during different fabric runs. At the end of the conveyer, the sensors notifies the cloth guiders to gently provide guidance followed by scroll rollers which allows fabric to run on a tight form ensuring no edge curling.


Our Washing units comprises of single or double loop formations depending upon the thickness of the fabric to ensure maximum expedition. The fabric loops vertically and comes in contact with the horizontal spray pipes running along the width which expedites the removal of dissolved chemicals and impurities. Filtration systems are incorporated to remove the impurities from the bath to improve washing efficiency.


After each washing compartment, fabric is successively squeezed in perfectly spread-out condition. Acid-washing can be provided for the neutralisation of textile or wet-to wet application can be incorporated for further treatments.


Our Waste Heat Recovery Unit is a heat-exchanger that recovers heat by the principle of applied thermodynamics of convection while transferring it into a working medium.


The two fluids work in the counter-current direction through a set of metal tubes while the fresh water passes through a sealed shell that surrounds them. This direct fluid-flow recuperates heat allowing fresh water inlet to be near equivalently hot.


Salient Features for Continuous Bleaching range.

  • Crease-Free Treatment.
  • Low water and energy consumption.
  • Suitable for All types of Woven fabrics.
  • Reproducible results.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Touch User-Friendly monitoring and control panel.

Desizing, Pre Washing and Post- Washing.

  • Calculable washing effect.
  • Steamtight chambers.
  • Low Liquor content.
  • Rapid expedition.
  • Steamtight chambers
  • Neutralization.

Impregnation and Application.

  • Controlled Liquor Application.
  • Sequential Dosing and Flow control.
  • Chemical metering system.
  • Low liquor content.
  • High penetration.


  • Steamtight Chamber.
  • Indirect Steam heating for saturated steam.
  • Dwelling time variation from 4 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Tubular conveyer for fabric advancement.
  • Tight-Stand fabric steam run.

Waste Water Heat Exchanger

  • Counter Current Principle.
  • Waste water heat recovery.
  • Inlet fresh water Temperature retention.