Fully Automated Atmospheric Jigger Machine

Fully Automated Atmospheric Jigger Machine

Machine Capacity : 300 / 500 / 800 / 1000 / 2000.


Fully Automated Atmospheric Jigger machine is one of the most technologically advanced automated machines for dyeing and bleaching to give you the most natural, highly accurate, even results through the batch.


It consists of Two main rollers, each with an independent yet synchronous driving force coupled with constant and regulated tension control system allows constant dyeing and liquor ratio throughout the width of the Fabric. Horizontally fitted spray pipes all across the width expedite the fabric rinsing.


Pneumatically sealed doors minimise the heat loss, keeps the temperature uniform, reduces the exposure of liquor and cloth to the air.


Throughout the process, the fabric speed and metering, smooth and jerk-less stop and start, gradual noiseless reversal, and automatic temperature regulation provide uniformity in fabric and the process.