Confining Shrinking Range

Confining Shrinking Range

Confine Shrinking range improves finishing process of woven and denim fabrics by allowing necessary shrinkage and stabilization of the fabric. Shrinking Range provides dimensional stability of the fabric structure and comprises better hand-touch effect. Good and even damping is a pre-requisite for achieving optimum shrinkage results. A damper unit maintains the humidity and moisture in the fabric with application of saturated steam in a closed chamber and a dampening cylinder. Further the textile advances in-between steam-heated shrinking cylinder and ternal rubber belt controlled by three guiding rollers which aids in retaining tension and pressure on the fabric. Fabric guides between rubber surface and polished drum surface forcing itself to change and stabilize its dimension. Longevity of rubber belt is prevalent primarily due to water-jet rubber belt cooling unit and secondarily due to the squeezing rollers which extracts excess amount of water on the felt before coming in contact with the fabric and hence, occurrence of crack and slot is prevented. A grinding unit is integrated to apply uniformity throughout the width of the rubber felt, but can be removed if necessary. After achieving the dimensional stability, the fabric advances to the palmer unit where it comes in contact with the palmer felt which removes the line-marks and provides an even finish on the fabric. The palmer felt roller consists of a large diameter which amounts the lowest tension on the felt and high pressure on the guided fabric in order to provide better surface treatment and hand-touch effect. Cooling cylinders are mounted at the exit of the range which consists of chilled circulated water to cool and condense the hot fabric as it comes out of the palmer unit.


The degree of shrinkage primarily depends upon

  • Degree of compression in the rubber felt.
  • Speed of the felt
  • Temperature of the Shrinking cylinder.
  • Humidity on the fabric.

Salient Features

  • Temperature controlled Dampening chamber and cylinder to control humidity and moisture.
  • Tensioning and pressure device on felt for providing sufficient pressure on the fabric.
  • Chromium plated polished pressure rollers.
  • Outside-Positioned squeezing rollers for less wear and tear on rubber felt.
  • Water-Jet rubber belt cooling unit.
  • Ternal rubber belt grinding unit for adequate grinding if necessary.
  • Large Cylinder Diameter of Palmer felt for less abrasion.
  • Adjustable Pressure for better stability and shrinkage.
  • Cooling Cylinder with water circulation.