Multi Cylinder Drying Range Machine

Multi Cylinder Drying Range Machine

Multi Cylinder Drying range consists of an Indirect drying system. Vertically stacked Stainless steel cylinders suitable for one or two sided drying for batch to batch as well as continuous processing for all types of fabrics demanding intermediate of final drying.


The structure consists of Sturdy and self-supported stainless steel/ Mild Steel walls providing a free and modular design which makes it easier to install, operate & maintain.


The Driving force consists of synchronise motor-Gearbox attached to the cylinders (individually or alternate) as per the fabric quality. High-quality bearing and Pedestal provides smoother rotation of the cylinders.


Salient Features :

  • Creaseless Drying of Fabric along the width
  • Efficient Steam consumption
  • Temperature controller System
  • Teflon Coating (Optional)
  • Moisture Control System
  • Steam Exhaust Hood (Optional) : Avoids water percolation.
  • Single Sheet cutting and Bending to Provide seamless and maximum Linearity.
  • Number of Cylinders per Stack: 6 to 12 Max.