Unique Auto Jigger Machine

Unique Auto Jigger Machine


Capacity : 80 kg/ 150 / 200 / 350 / 500 / 800 / 1000 1600 / 2000 kg


Unique Jigger Machine is perhaps the most important and universal bleaching and dyeing machine. It can also be used for Pre-treatments of Fabrics like desize, Scouring, Bleaching, dyeing and after-treatments of Fabric.


Unique Auto Jigger targets the market that consists low-capital investments and low-running cost and yet dominates the textile market with consecutive results in batch to batch form.


Unique Auto is redesigned by Bhatt Bros. allowing to maximise feeding speed, avoid tailing, accommodate Pre-treatment, minimise maintenance, nullify crease formations and also provide an even temperature and Liquor ratio throughout the trough.


Salient Features. :

Winding and Unwinding S.S rollers. (Roller Face Width: As per the requirement) S.S tank consisting of optimum capacity.


A. C Inverter Drive.

Inverter drive with a variable running setting and Auto Programmable micro process controller.

Manually Operable brakes for tension Control and regulation. Programmable Temperature for heating of Liquor in the trough within fair timing. Automated Bump-less Reversal at the time of Winding and unwinding. Hold Mode.


Optional Equipment for increasing Efficiency :

  • Automated Programmable Dosing System
  • Automated filling of Trough.
  • Automated Drainage System.
  • Automated Rotary Filter.
  • Linearly Programmable level controller.