Continuous Chainless Merceriser Machine

Continuous Chainless Merceriser Machine

Mercerising is essential for high-quality pre-treatment at various stages. Post Bleaching, scouring or desizing; each of those ways has its own merits. The fabric is held under tension by a series of rollers in contact with each other in the primary immersion/Impregnation tank. The fabric enters in a very absorbent state.


There are two rows of strong rollers of which the Top rollers are coated with rubber and bottom rollers are Flexinip buoyant bearing-less rollers. These rollers, one above other, allows the fabric to run alternatively ultimately carried by the top row of rollers which run on ball bearings.


Stainless steel buoyant drums allow full immersion of fabric with 100% impregnation of caustic. This favours uniform liquor wedge across the fabric width.


The fabric then runs through a squeezing mangle at a pressure of about 5 to 8 tons assuring impregnation & the excess caustic to recover.


The fabric then passes through a stabiliser containing a similar set of rollers which allows washing under controlled tension.


A further mangling is done before the fabric passes through four or five recuperators or washing compartments. Steaming reduces the amount of alkali in the fabric to minute proportions.

In the final compartment, the spray pipes running across the width of the fabric maximises the cold wash which removes the residual alkali content making the fabric Neutral.


Consumption of dyestuff can be reduced up to 30%, levelness in dyeing is improved, and higher brilliance is achieved. Lustre is enhanced with an increase in strength and dimension stability.


Superimposing fabrics or running them side by side can increase the rate of Production.


Salient Features.


Bearing-less Buoyant Drums.


Stainless steel buoyant bottom drums allow full immersion of fabric providing 100% Impregnation of caustic which favours uniform liquor wedge across full fabric width.

Top Rubber Rolls

Top Rubber Rolls are mounted on a master seal bearing. This allows the Flexinip to maintain uniform pressure throughout the cross-section.


Vertical Thrust of Buoyant Drums.

Vertical Thrust pertains 50% more soaking and squeezing in the impregnation and Stabiliser tank resulting in excellent silky lustre.


Recuperators and Washing

Stainless steel close body washing recuperators provided with s.s guide rolls allows creaseless movement of Cloth. Countercurrent system, spray and pneumatic nip expedite the removal of excess caustic ensuring no centre selvedge variation for after-treatment.


Squeezing Mangle

Post Impregnation and Stabilisation, the heavy duty Anti-deflection squeezing mangle improves the expression and evens the Squeezing throughout the cross-section and avoids centre selvedge due to Mercerise.


Enclosed heated Stabiliser

Enclosed heated stabiliser conserves heat, attains high temperature, and forced spray on fabric layer along with heavy squeezing under controlled tension rapidly reduces caustic lye. This provides the fabric with minimum width shrinkage, excellent stabilisation, and tensile strength.


Minimum Spares

The machine is designed to optimise the interchangeability of components like bearings, rubber/ebonite, s.s Rolls, pneumatics, motors etc.